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Purpose-Built Networking Solutions

Secure, reliable network connectivity was never more important. To manage network access for on-site, mobile and remote employees and applications, you need networking solutions that deliver relentless reliability. Those solutions must be secure, flexible, scalable and future-proof.

Meet Digi. We help identify the right solution for your application, and deliver the latest technology like LTE and 5G, support for first responders, such as FirstNet® certified solutions for pre-emptive communications, as well as Private LTE and SD-WAN. You’ll find what you need to meet your requirements, from dual-SIM cellular failover and out-of-band management, to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, serial and Bluetooth® connectivity.

Digi connectivity and communications solutions support a broad range of verticals, from enterprise, branch office and light industrial applications to highly demanding industrial and heavy industry environments, to the mobile connectivity requirements of fleets, buses, light rail, paratransit vehicles and commercial rail.

Most importantly, every Digi connectivity solution integrates highly robust security designed to thwart the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

Centrally Manage and Control Your Mission-Critical Network

At the center of the Digi ecosystem is Digi Remote Manager®. This powerful platform provides centralized security, management and control to ensure you have access to your devices worldwide, along with performance insights and system alerts. The sophisticated features of Digi Remote Manager (Digi RM) include automated configuration scanning with remediation, the ability to remotely troubleshoot or reboot devices, and deploy mass firmware updates.

Digi Remote Manager complements and tightly integrates with numerous Digi product families, including the following.

Enterprise routers and extenders (EX)
Indoor-grade and light industrial enterprise solutions for ensuring business continuity and connectivity for LTE and 5G networks, wherever needed.
Industrial routers (IX)
Ruggedly-built products for industrial environments where conditions such as moisture and extreme temperatures can compromise standard hardware.
Transportation (TX)
High-performance cellular solutions built for connectivity in transportation applications including traffic management and mobile transit and rail systems.
Infrastructure Management (IM)
Products designed for network management, with connectivity and out-of-band access into the data center, or to devices at the network’s edge.

Digi experts are always available to identify and build solutions that include all the hardware, software, peripherals and antennas needed to meet your application requirements. Custom programming and professional services are always an option, and can support any phase from early planning through deployment.

Reach out to get the help you need to put the right solution in place for your unique needs

Connectivity Meets Network Resilience

Digi builds resilient, relentlessly reliable networking solutions for all the normal – and not so normal – situations that come your way. Network connectivity and uptime matter. When your network experiences interruptions, Digi SureLink® kicks in to re-direct and re-establish a strong connection to keep your network always-on.

Network resilience requires automatic failover and tools for smart engineering response. With Digi, you have a complete selection of cellular failover and out-of-band management capabilities. From dual and quad SIMs for multi-carrier connectivity to multi-port serial features for local and remote management, there is no shortage of options to meet your business continuity requirements.

Ready Today. Ready for Tomorrow.

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Power Up 5G

5G, the next generation of mobile communication technology, is not just an incremental improvement, but a major evolution that will transform the world in which we live and work.

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FirstNet is a nationwide, interoperable, broadband wireless network that delivers pre-emptive voice, text and data for first responders and critical infrastructure, even in times of large-scale public emergencies.

Get ready and stay ready with FirstNet
Private LTE based on CBRS

Private LTE Based on CBRS

With coverage or capacity issues sometimes limiting the availability of public LTE or Wi-Fi networks, organizations in the U.S. are increasingly turning to CBRS to meet their connectivity needs.

Digi is ready to help you deploy

Security for Your Devices and Data

Your most critical applications demand reliable security to prevent malicious attacks and keep your network protected at all times. Digi TrustFence® is a comprehensive security framework that simplifies the process of securing your connected devices. See how TrustFence works

Networks Made Easier with Core Modules

Modular LTE connectivity with Carrier Smart Select™ and dual SIM support across major carriers for optimal mobile network access. The modular design integrates with a range of Digi high-performance enterprise routers and infrastucture devices. Digi Core Modules

Whether you want to build a smart cities application for water/wastewater management and remote tank monitoring, or a more efficient data center with a robust backup system, or even the next best thing in digital advertising, turn to Digi networking solutions.

  • Deployed in the most demanding environments
  • Highly secure against new and evolving cyberthreats
  • Communicate with remote assets without relying on outside networks
  • Wide variety of regional and global options and support
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