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Relentlessly reliable and secure wireless connectivity from Digi can make a big contribution to patient outcomes—and hospital operations.

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Adding wireless capabilities to your medical devices makes critical patient information immediately available to caregivers and hospital systems. They can also improve billing accuracy, asset management, and maintenance.

Real-time monitoring

Medical devices with Digi connectivity can provide remote patient monitoring in real time to caregivers and hospital systems, no matter where the patient is located.

Faster time-to-market

With Digi, it’s wireless—done. You don’t need to develop in-house RF capabilities. Just put Digi into your product design and you’ve got secure, reliable connectivity.

Certification to go

Digi simplifies your regulatory process with wireless modules that come pre-certified by the FCC in the US and other authorities around the world.

Long-term availability

You can specify Digi embedded modules with the confidence that we’ll build and support them through your product development, approvals, and long, successful market life.


2G/3G Shutdowns: Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

The shutdowns are coming sooner than you’d like. And Digi is here to help you plan ahead to avoid disruptions, lost data and – even worse – lost revenue. Digi LTE Migration Services is standing by with everything to make things go smoothly and quickly. What you need. Just in time.

Beat the 2G/3G Shutdown
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