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Traffic Management Solutions to Control Cost, Improve Efficiency

Improve congestion and emergency response without widening roads - and prepare your city for the future

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Traffic management solutions to upgrade communications infrastructure
and optimize your system fast and cost effectively

Turn to Digi for powerful, cost-effective solutions to manage communications for your entire traffic system

20 minutes to online

Configure and deploy faster and more effectively with the configuration tools in Digi Remote Manager®. Cut traffic management deployment costs by completing installs in record time.

Security from ransomware

Install, monitor and manage your deployed solution with confidence. Digi TrustFence®, the robust security framework integrated into Digi cellular routers, provides multi-layer protection from cyberthreats.

Connected, autonomous future

Deploy connected vehicle functionality into your traffic management solution today to be prepared for what's to come. Digi supports your Intelligent Transportation Systems team in mapping your future.


Digi IX20

Single traffic applications

  • LTE Cat 4
  • Dual SIM, dual Ethernet, single serial
  • Ideal for:
    • Industrial environments
    • Single access points
    • Isolated traffic controllers
    • Single traffic cameras
    • Low-power connections
    • Variable message signs
    • Cellular backup (failover)

Digi WR31

Multiple traffic applications

  • LTE Cat 6
  • Dual SIM, dual Ethernet, single serial
  • Ideal for:
    • High-temp applications
    • Traffic cameras
    • Roadside units (RSUs)
    • Traffic controllers
    • Digital/analog applications
    • RFID readers
    • Cellular backup (failover)

Digi TX54

Complete solution

  • LTE Cat 12 (one or two modules)
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, serial, 4 Ethernet
  • Ideal for:
    • All traffic applications
    • First responder communications
    • Vehicle and body cameras
    • Connected vehicle
    • GPS location services
    • Automated license plate reader
    • Cellular backup (failover)
Digi RM

Digi Remote Manager

Drop-in deployment with simple,
secure remote control

Best-in-class monitoring and management ensures you can scale your deployment to a fleet of any size. Digi Remote Manager® gives you a single, secure platform to access data and manage devices from anywhere. Simple, secure control keeps your deployments on track – edit configurations, update firmware, monitor, schedule and automate tasks – all from your desktop or tablet.

90 Day Trial

Digi can help you transition to smart traffic management

We help assess your challenges, define your goals and plan your solution roll-out, and we can even partner with you in executing your deployment.

Emergency Routing
Emergency Routing

When emergencies occur, first responders must arrive quickly and safely to the scene. Smart traffic management uses congestion data and vehicle location to adapt routing and traffic signal timing to ensure emergency vehicles can arrive fast. Additionally, Digi FirstNet Ready™ cellular routers utilize Band 14 to deliver priority and pre-emptive communications for first responders.

Adaptive Control
Adaptive Control

Today, cities can be much more strategic in their implementation of traffic systems to manage their city congestion. Adaptive control adds the "smart" to smart traffic management. Using sensors, traffic cameras and fast, reliable cellular communications, adaptive control systems detect vehicle congestion, which triggers changes to traffic signal timing to optimize traffic throughput in real time.

Backhaul Communications
Backhaul Communications

A critical communications network for smart traffic management must include high quality, high availability backhaul communications between the communication hub, or "traffic management center" (TMC) and the components across the network. Digi provides guidance on establishing concurrent cellular and fiber links and other strategies for continuous, reliable communications with the TMC.

Connected Vehicle
Connected Vehicle

Connected vehicle technology is designed to prevent collisions between automobiles, transit systems and pedestrians. Municipalities are installing the critical infrastructure for this smart city strategy now. In doing so, they can take advantage of some of its key benefits. Digi can help you plan and deploy connected vehicle technology as part of your Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and traffic management plan.

Public Transit
Public Transit

Smart traffic management systems are not only designed to route emergency vehicles, commuters and other city vehicle traffic, but they also integrate with the city public transit systems. Traffic signal timing is adjusted to maintain schedules of transit buses and light rail. These systems can be automated and managed by system administrators at the Traffic Management Center for optimal routing.

Simplified Infrastructure
Simplified Infrastructure

Traffic management systems today rely on a range of technologies, from analog lines to twisted pair, private radio and copper. Municipalities are moving to cellular networks for faster, more reliable, robust and cost-effective connectivity that can support the entire range of traffic systems from traffic cameras and routing applications to connected vehicle technology. Digi cellular solutions integrate them all.

Learn more about Digi traffic management solutions in the related content section below. Whether you are implementing an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solution, such as connected vehicle, or you are seeking the most effective way to route vehicles and emergency responders through your city, you will find resources to support your quest. Or contact us to start the conversation.

The number and variety of connectivity solutions in municipal traffic systems has increased over the years, from analog leased lines to twisted pair, fiber and wireless radio solutions, sometimes working concurrently. The management challenges and maintenance costs are enormous. But there is a better way.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • How cellular technology has transformed the traffic management landscape
  • The benefits of connecting traffic systems anywhere, all the time, with one device
  • Applications on the horizon and how to future-proof traffic systems
  • Key considerations including cloud management and security when upgrading or scaling your system

Digi Support for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Product Family Versatility

Digi offers a range of network equipment for traffic and intelligent transportation systems, enabling department of transportation and municipal transit managers to consolidate infrastructure, reduce overhead and improve efficiency.

  • Cellular Routers - The Digi cellular router family includes high-capacity dual-SIM routers for mission-critical networks, as well as mid-range and light duty single-application routers.
  • Power Supplies - Digi supplies industrial-grade customized power supplies for powering cameras and other accessories, in addition to the router.
  • 900 MHz Modems - Used to connect serial equipment around the intersection or adjacent intersections.
  • Serial Servers - Enables administrators to bridge legacy serial devices onto modern IP-based networks.
  • Device Management - Digi Remote Manager®, Digi’s cloud-based device monitoring, management and security platform, enables efficient and effective network operations.

Automated Network Security

Digi’s system-level security architecture uses PKI, IPsec and SCEP to establish a very high defense against cyber-attacks with low operational cost. It uses open system authentication protocols enabling use of multi-vendor data center equipment, unlike similar competitor offerings.


Digi Remote Manager (Digi RM) retains a full copy of the router configuration when deployed, which simplifies both the initial installation and any replacement. This feature improves maintenance efficiency, as site personnel do not need configuration training or laptops. It also increases network reliability and availability, as there are fewer configuration errors.

Link Performance Measurement

Digi RM provides detailed and continuous latency and availability performance metrics for every communication link from the dashboard, and provides reports for offline analysis. Administrators can perform speeds tests to evaluate peak throughput at any time using industry standard iperf, providing visibility into network performance for quick detection and resolution of any network trouble.

Proximity Services Enabler

Digi routers include Bluetooth, which has expanded into greater IoT use, most notably for MAC capture used by smart city analytics platforms. Any of the Wi-Fi interfaces can be configured for MAC capture as well.

Industry Ratings

Products are available that meet the industry standard TS2 specification. Mounting accessories include DIN rail brackets.