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The always-on buzz of retail systems means that any technical glitch can cause lost revenue, lost inventory, and maybe lost customers.

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Digi IoT connectivity helps ensure that the flood of transaction data keeps flowing with reliability and tight security—whether it’s from an ATM, remote lottery terminal, beverage sale aboard a jet, or a financial card swipe for a birthday gift.

Maintain uptime

Multipath network resilience and high-speed LTE performance make your systems and services constantly available, so you never disappoint a customer.

Ensure security

Since most retail transactions are purchases, Digi M2M devices provide high levels of data security and encryption—including PCI compliance.

Create experiences

Remotely delivering and managing content for digital signage and kiosks can create more customer engagement while reducing maintenance costs.

Expand globally

Digi M2M connectivity is certified throughout the world, making it easier for you to deploy and remotely manage retail systems wherever your business grows.

Purpose-built Connectivity Solutions for the Retail IoT

Digi routers with cloud and edge tools solve a wide range of communications challenges – indoors and out – with secure, drop-in LTE-Advanced connectivity and network management.

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Digi® LR54 LTE-Advanced 802.11ac high-bandwidth routers provide a great Wi-Fi experience.

Keep guests happily connected
Slow, unstable Wi-Fi connectivity can cause guests to flee – a bad mark on your brand. High-speed routers with rock-solid stability are a must wherever people and devices need to stay connected.


Digi IX20 cellular routers offer advanced reliability and security for storefronts, cash registers, kiosks and POS terminals.

Enhance security at multiple locations
Business data may be compromised if your router isn’t capable of secure network segmentation. Reduce risks and help maintain PCI compliance from a cellular solution with advanced security measures.


Digi IX10 provides a secure, reliable connection to outdoor kiosks and signs at third-party sites or remote locations.

Avoid costly downtime
Lost connectivity means missed revenue if you lose communication with customers. Bringing your own network gives you greater control, especially in extreme outdoor environments.


Digi Connect® IT console servers make short work of peripheral device connectivity and remote equipment monitoring.

Simplify branch expansions
Adding more devices to branch locations has been notoriously complex. But by using OOB management you can remotely reconfigure, reboot and re-image key assets, even when the primary network is down.


Digi® EX15 provides backup connectivity for distributed branch networks, near and far.

Establish backup connectivity
Customer transactions and business operations can’t come to a halt when your landline goes down. Install proactive backup connectivity to prevent lost revenue and diminished productivity.


Digi Remote Manager® (Digi RM) helps retailers better connect with customers by managing all the devices in your network.

Maintain mission-critical device connectivity
Keep check-out lines moving and build your brand with streaming media by monitoring, diagnosing and fixing routers remotely with a single online performance dashboard to troubleshoot devices across all locations.
Digi RM

Digi Remote Manager

Drop-in deployment with simple,
secure remote control

Best-in-class monitoring and management ensures you can scale your deployment to a fleet of any size. Digi Remote Manager® gives you a single, secure platform to access data and manage devices from anywhere. Simple, secure control keeps your deployments on track — edit configurations, update firmware, monitor, schedule and automate tasks — all from your desktop or tablet.

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2G/3G Shutdowns: Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

The shutdowns are coming sooner than you’d like. And Digi is here to help you plan ahead to avoid disruptions, lost data and – even worse – lost revenue. Digi LTE Migration Services is standing by with everything to make things go smoothly and quickly. What you need. Just in time.

Beat the 2G/3G Shutdown
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Digi TrustFence

Digi TrustFence is the security framework for Digi cellular routers. The TrustFence framework requires security to be designed in at the ground floor, resulting in a new security orientation for cellular devices. The built-in security of Digi TrustFence gives you secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, secure software updates, and excludes all insecure ingress protocols.

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