Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Site surveys, kitting, configuration, deployment, training services and more

Digi Professional Services can help make your project simpler, more painless and more successful — with services that reduce barriers to completion, simplify processes for your team, and support you with on-site help when needed.

Your team undoubtedly has enormous talent and expertise to devote to your day-to-day business. But when you plan and roll out a major implementation, the day-to-day doesn’t stop. How do you add a large project to your team’s schedule that requires new and different skills, and ensure that all critical steps to rollout are taken, and in the right order.

Wireless projects can be complex. But they don’t have to be painful, and they don’t have to derail your team’s focus. Digi Professional Services can support your rollout in multiple ways — ala carte, or end-to-end.

Dedicated Implementation Engineer

Does your project need help integrating Digi IoT solutions? Digi’s implementation services are offered to help you “Connect with Confidence” — from pilot to production. We can provide support and advice at any point along the way. But when you need end-to-end expertise, we recommend working with one of our implementation engineers for a rapid and seamless rollout.

A dedicated implementation engineer provides the hands-on support needed to ensure your project achieves connectivity and time-to-completion goals, providing a full range of supporting services to get you to success. Your dedicated implementation engineer will engage with your team in the following areas:

  • Device configuration design and provisioning, such as loading configurations into firmware as well as pre-install and/or post-install setting updates.
  • Deployment planning, testing and troubleshooting. This may include acting as a liaison with Digi engineering or technical support subject matter experts.
  • Work closely with other vendor teams to ensure interoperability within the total solution.
  • Provide technical communications and leadership to ensure seamless Digi device migration when components and products must be upgraded.
  • Assist in Digi Remote Manager® setup and configuration, including loading configurations and supporting customizations.
  • Producing technical documentation for the project. For example, documentation may include details of the customer’s particular implementation and additions to Digi user guides.
  • Technical training on Digi IoT products and services.

The dedicated implementation engineer is there to help fill the gaps in an implementation plan, remove costly guesswork and delays, and help pull all the pieces together.

Depending on your needs, our team can manage the full implementation process, or just play a role in a larger implementation team. By attending regular status discussions and working directly with the integration team(s), Digi works to ensure your project is successful.


Learning new products always involves time to get up to speed. Digi provides training on the products in your implementation to ensure your team can quickly learn and become proficient. Whether you want your administrative team to develop expert skills to manage the deployed products, or you have a larger group within your organization who will be using the products and can benefit from hands-on training, Digi can support you with training to get your teams on track and working with ease.

Our training will provide a basic overview of our products or we can dive into specific deep topics.

Our team will develop the training around your needs and prepare your team to support your solution with confidence.

Examples of training programs include:

  • Multi-day training on Digi Remote Manager
  • Overview training on Digi routers
  • Focused technical training on advanced topics
  • Software development (i.e. Python) on Digi routers and gateways

Digi provides both on-site and remote training.

Site Surveys: RF and Cellular

Site surveys are an important step in preparing for a wireless implementation, and Digi highly recommends taking this step as part of your implementation planning. The purpose is to ensure that your installation will perform properly, whether you are deploying radio frequency (RF) or cellular products.

Services included in a site survey range from helping you to identify the right cellular carrier, to selecting the antenna(s) that will be required for your site’s installation, and testing range and connectivity to ensure your Digi XBee network will perform optimally.

Digi’s Professional Services team can perform a site survey for either a cellular or 802.15.4-based network. Our experts will work with your team to understand any challenges posed by your installation based on materials and structures that can affect signal. We can test various cellular networks, various antennas, and multiple XBee modules.

Upon completion of the survey, Digi will provide your team with a report showing the outcomes and related recommendations. The report will include a description of how the survey was produced, which your team will be able to reproduce at all your locations.

* Specific third-party hardware, such as antenna, provided by the customer.

On-site Support

While planning and preparation go a long way toward setting up a successful rollout, the reality of an IoT implementation can bring real-life challenges. Your team may need support to solve on-site connectivity issues due to unforeseen variables. Or you may discover that you want additional functionality to support a specific use case. Any number of questions or concerns can materialize as your team deploys your solution.

Digi Professional Services has experience providing on-site diagnostics and troubleshooting in a wide range of customer implementations and scenarios. We can help answer questions, troubleshoot issues and smooth over any rough spots in the final rollout, bringing our on-site implementation expertise directly to you. We will partner with you and do a deep-dive into your solution and any challenges you are facing, to quickly improve the reliability of your final implementation.

As a global company, Digi has field personnel based in North America, EMEA, and APAC. We will make every attempt to provide local, on-site support. Where our personnel are not available locally, we can provide remote videoconferencing support.

Device Provisioning and Kitting Services

IoT deployments come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are exactly alike. Components, antennas and cabling vary depending on the type of connectivity needed for integration with your on-site and third-party equipment. Preparing and testing these items prior to deployment can ensure rapid and successful installs, and dramatically reduce the amount of time required to get your solution deployed.

Digi’s Professional Services team has experience preparing for a wide range of installations, from simple firmware or configuration changes or pre-provisioning to large multi-component testing, validation and kitting.


  • Firmware and configuration loading services, including firmware upgrades or downgrades for consistency, security and organizational compliance
  • Setting up pre-deployment configuration files to reduce field installation time
  • Adding or removing parts from your installation kit
  • Testing and validation of custom configuration or integration

Device Security Review

Successful, secure IoT implementations require assessment of both online and physical access to your connected solution. Digi supports a secure-by-design philosophy, in which wireless devices and components are manufactured for security, with integrated Digi TrustFence® security framework, which enables secure controls during implementation and on ongoing administration.

It is critical to address device security throughout your implementation to ensure the design of your deployment meets your organization’s security standards and any security compliance requirements for your industry or specific deployment.

Digi’s security team has deep experience with network, hardware, and other security reviews. We’ve presented at conferences such as BlackHat and DefCon, provided executive-level presentations, as well as engineering-level presentations. Digi’s security team can advise your implementation and administrative teams on best practices, validate your Digi equipment from a security perspective, and help ensure your deployment is designed to recognize threats and protect your application from intrusion.

Dedicated Support

Ensure success of your project from beginning to end, with a dedicated Digi Professional Services team member whose role is to support your entire rollout, quickly responding and helping to troubleshoot any issues along the way.

Provisioning and Installation

Accelerate your project rollout with provisioning and installation support from the Digi Professional Services team. These services include firmware configuration, as well as hands-on assistance with the installation process if needed.

On-Site Services, Training, Security

When you need extra assistance, our team can help — whether you need on-site services, team training, or a security review to ensure that your entire installation runs smoothly, is fully secure and meets all of your requirements and rollout objectives.
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