Application Development

Application Development

Custom programming, Python scripts, Bash scripts, web applications and mobile apps

Need a customized interface and user access to your product? Or specific device functionality? Digi Professional Services can help — with scripting, custom Python coding and web application or mobile app development services.

When you deploy a complex IoT solution, many pieces must come together, from your hardware and components to integration with your enterprise software and more. At Digi, we don’t just sell you a box with an installation guide. We provide end-to-end solutions that ensure your success. Our application development services are designed to help you customize your solution to your exact specifications.

These services include:

  • On-device Python application development
  • On-device Bash scripting
  • Development of web applications and mobile apps

On-device Python Application Development

To fully customize an IoT deployment, teams sometimes require functionality to augment the standard features of their cellular router. Examples include IoT device edge computing functionality to optimize data management across the deployed devices, and functionality to retrieve data from a remote serial device or sensor on a regular interval.

Digi’s Professional Services team has been developing Python-based edge compute applications for over 15 years. With experience in serial connectivity, remote sensor connectivity, industrial protocols, and cellular data usage, our team can design and implement your application.

We have expertise in connecting to industrial HVAC systems, as well as equipment in a wide range of use cases from agriculture to health and wellness, commercial kitchens and industrial applications.

On-device Bash Scripting

Bash scripting is a specialty area, and network management teams do not always have the time or required experience to develop these scripts. Digi Professional Services team members are experienced in writing Bash terminal commands to customize Digi cellular routers for specific requirements.

We’ve built scripts to ensure connectivity, create custom tunnels, check configuration, check and set data usage, limit LAN access, and others.

Contact us to discuss your team’s scripting requirements and how we can support your needs.

Development of Web Applications and Mobile Apps

Today, web and mobile access are critical to enable customers to log into their accounts and access devices from the corporate office or from the field. If your company is looking for a custom application to provide your team or your end-customers with access to their IoT equipment or data, Digi Professional Services can help. Whether you seeking a better way to manage your remote devices, gather statistics, analytics and insights, or provide your customers with customized access to accounts, contact us to discuss your needs.

Digi has been building custom web applications for IoT solutions for over a decade, and our team has over 20 years of experience in web application development. We’ve built solutions to monitor and manage ice-resurfacing equipment, grain bins, industrial HVAC equipment, commercial ice cream makers, commercial ovens and more.

We work with your team and designers to ensure you or your customers have the access and data needed to monitor and manage your solution.

Python Programming

Let our team provide our deep experience to help customize your project to meet specific objectives, including edge computing, serial connectivity, remote sensor connectivity and more.

Bash Scripting

Work with us to obtain customized scripts designed to help you manage your Digi router, including aspects such as connectivity, configuration, security, data usage and LAN access.

Application Development

Set up internal and/or external customer access to your devices with custom web and mobile applications that provide authorized, user-friendly interfaces to IoT equipment or data.
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