Managed Connectivity Services

Managed Connectivity Services

Data plans, SIM cards and supporting services for cellular deployments

Digi offers a full hardware and cellular connectivity solution set, including activation of pre-embedded SIMs in Digi XBee® and Digi Connect® Sensor solutions or after-market installation of Digi provided SIMs and connectivity service plans.

DiagramToday, Internet of Things (IoT) operations are spread over vast areas or are located in dangerous or otherwise hard-to-reach locations, and connecting to your devices can be expensive and time consuming.

The Digi Connectivity Services team helps you quickly set up data plans for your IoT applications, making it a simple and convenient process to add cellular connectivity to your deployments.

This service provides cellular data options that are ideal for IoT applications at competitive rates without the hassle of multi-source solutions. Speed your project to market by allowing Digi to streamline these processes with our expertise and experience.

Simplified Data Plan Management

Working with Digi for your SIM and managed connectivity services can quickly reduce your project complexity, especially for embedded designs. Digi can insert SIMs and configure APNs prior to the manufacturing process. Taking this step saves after-market time by moving these components to the pre-production processes.

There is no need to burden your in-house engineering team or pay for contract manufacturers to manage these processes.
Digi provides a single point of support. We will work with you to troubleshoot and resolve network connectivity issues as well as device configuration concerns.
SIM card, management, and administrative fees are all included in the monthly rate.

Support for Choosing Your Wireless Protocol

When you are launching your project, the choices for connectivity options can be daunting. LTE? CAT-M? NB-IoT? Private, Public? Static IP? Which geographic regions? Digi Managed Connectivity Services help customize your connectivity solution based on your technical requirements and the anticipated geographic distribution of your deployment.

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Cellular Data Services

Choose your carrier. Choose your data package. Connect your device.

Take advantage of Digi’s carrier relationships and expertise to power your application. We offer 3G/4G LTE, CAT-M, and NB-IoT cellular data services on the major U.S. carriers as well as options for international plans. Select from monthly data plans from as low as 1 megabyte through the multi-gigabyte range, or select a convenient pay-per-use option.

Our data packages are built with IoT in mind. If you’re a cellular networking expert yourself, or even if you’re new, we’re here to help.

Cellular Data Services

Cellular Network Access

Digi provides network access through major cellular partners around the globe with data plans designed to deliver reliable, cost-effective connectivity. Unlike other providers, we are not limited to one carrier; Digi will work with you to create a strategy that checks all the boxes for your network connectivity needs, wherever you deploy throughout over 180 countries across the globe.

We cultivate relationships with solution providers to offer simplified data solutions by streamlining processes that would otherwise take weeks or months to resolve. There are no lengthy contracts or legal processes to observe, no network setup and configuration, and no complex cost structures. Let Digi simplify the process for you.

Cellular Network Access

Data Plans

Monthly Data Plans are preconfigured based on our experience with industry and product-specific connectivity needs.

  • Tiered plans start with a single megabyte up to multi-gigabyte options.
  • Our Pay-Per-Use plans provide a cost-effective, elastic approach to your changing connectivity needs. Pay only for the data you consume, and eliminate costly overage fees.

10-year M2M Plans: Connect your M2M device for up to 10 years.

SIM Cards: Standard SIM cards are provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
*Specialty SIMs available upon request

Data Plans

Devices Ready to Activate

Several Digi devices come with SIMs inserted right out of the box; all you need to do is opt in for cellular data services and you’ll be connected in no time!

If your device is not in the list above, Digi will be happy to provide a SIM at no charge with paid monthly services. SIM card insertion services can be added as a part of your deployment.

Ready for remote connectivity but unsure of how to get there?

Digi’s Implementation Services can provide turnkey solutions to speed you to connectivity.

Examples of Digi Implementation Services include:

  • Advanced technical and solution support
  • Device configuration and programming
  • Application development and hosting
  • Device and accessory kitting and delivery
  • SIM insertion and APN programming
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The earlier in your project planning and development process you determine your IoT deployment needs, the more smoothly your project will go. Contact us to start the conversation.