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Digi ConnectCore®

Best in class, secure, reliable embedded SOM solution with integrated wireless connectivity


All Digi ConnectCore SOMs incorporate Digi TrustFence®, a complete embedded security environment that OEMs can use to design security features into their products from the ground up. Regardless of an organization’s size, resources or security knowledge, developers can rely on Digi TrustFence for built-in security — without the cost and time needed to design from scratch. Digi TrustFence security features are fully implemented and ready to use, with complete documentation and step by step instructions. Digi also performs regular security audits to identify new and evolving threats and proactively communicates with customers regarding known vulnerabilities.

  • Secure boot assures that programs and code running on the device are always and only from an approved source
  • Encryption protects data flowing across the network, while encrypted storage protects sensitive data stored on the device.
  • A tamper detection interface detects unauthorized attempts to gain physical access or make unauthorized modifications to the device
  • Internal and external I/O ports are hardened to prevent physical intrusion
  • Secure Element, a crypto-authentication chip built into the SOM, extends the cryptographic capabilities of the main processor.
  • FIPS 140-2 certification assures the security and integrity of information on the module, enabling companies to leverage existing certifications instead of performing their own FIPS integration and validation
Low Power

Low-power capabilities of Digi ConnectCore SOMs let developers optimize the power-consumption profile to fit their application needs. Digi ConnectCore SOMs offer best-in-class power management. They can operate in multiple power modes to minimize power consumption, which is especially important for battery powered devices. Digi Microcontroller Assist™ (MCA) gives users greater control of power levels. The SOM provides just the level of power that’s needed — never more — so power is never wasted. Yet in sleep mode, Digi SOMs are capable of ultra-fast wake up time.

  • Best-in-class power management
  • Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) for CPU and GPU to scale performance
  • Control over power domains
  • Sleep modes include suspend-to-RAM / disc and other low power states
  • ConnectCore SOMs are optimized for ultra-fast wake up time
  • Digi Application Programming Interface (APIX) for power management
  • Digi Microcontroller Assist (MCA) provides flexibility and control in optimizing power use

With a 3-year product warranty that is unique in the industry, Digi’s commitment to reliability and longevity is second to none. Digi ConnectCore SOMs are built exclusively with industrial-grade components and undergo rigorous thermal and shock testing to ensure that they can withstand harsh outdoor environments and temperature extremes of -40 to +85 C. Digi SOMs are duty-rated for continuous use — 24/7/365 — and designed for 10-year longevity, an especially important consideration for medical and industrial applications with lengthy regulatory approval cycles. Digi also provides support throughout the entire product lifecycle. Whenever there is a component change, Digi qualifies new components and updates the applicable software to support new features and functionality.

  • 3-year product warranty — unique in the industry
  • Duty rated to run 24/7/365 in demanding industrial applications
  • Temperature rated from -40 to +85 C
  • Support throughout entire product lifecycle with comprehensive online documentation

Digi ConnectCore SOMs are pre-certified for global deployment, streamlining the country-by-country certification process for wireless products, which can often be lengthy and expensive. OEMs can reduce their development costs and realize a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging this pre-certified wireless connectivity, as well as achieving faster time-to-market. All Digi SOMs have both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option on-board and are fully integrated with Digi XBee modules. Digi XBee modules support leading IoT standards like LTE cellular, mesh networking and long-range sub-GHz wireless connectivity. In addition, Digi’s Wireless Design Services team offers help with RF hardware and software design, certifications and manufacturing support.

  • Pre-certified wireless for global deployment
  • Fully integrated with ubiquitous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols
  • Seamless integration with Digi XBee® wireless modules

Complete system-on-module (SOM) solution

Digi SOM solutions provide a highly integrated hardware and software platform designed for rapid development and time-to-market, along with a full suite of tools and resources for scalability of design and ease of maintenance. With robust, industrial system-on-modules, integrated Digi TrustFence® security, sophisticated open systems software and device management tools, Digi’s embedded solutions reduce total cost of ownership and help catapult OEMs to market success.

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What sets Digi ConnectCore apart?

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Embedded Kit

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Complete development platform

Digi IoT development kits include boards, modules and accessories for rapid prototyping, testing and development of wireless applications.

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A family of SOMs that’s at home in any industry

Digi ConnectCore SOMs are the first choice of OEMs around the world, thanks to built-in features that reduce development costs and deliver a lower total cost of ownership.

Industrial Reliability
Industrial Reliability

Digi uses only industrial-grade components in the construction of its ConnectCore SOMs. They are designed to provide a 10-year service life, even in harsh outdoor environments. Digi SOMs have a 24/7/365 duty rating for continuous use and come with a 3-year product warranty — unique in the industry.

Flexible Connectivity
Flexible Connectivity

Digi SOMs offer a wide range of connectivity options suitable for a variety of applications and use cases. These include pre-certified dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE wireless connectivity as well as Ethernet, CAN bus and more.

Deep Integration
Deep Integration

Digi SOMs offer seamless integration with the world-renowned Digi XBee® ecosystem, and are fully integrated with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols. They support IoT standards including LTE cellular, mesh networking and long-range sub-GHz wireless connectivity and are also pre-certified for global deployment, enabling OEMs to reduce development costs and achieve a faster time-to-market.

Scalable Portfolio
Scalable Portfolio

The range of compatible Digi ConnectCore products allows OEMs to futureproof their designs while controlling manufacturing costs. If an application evolves and requires more processing power, developers can simply drop in a higher performance, footprint compatible, Digi ConnectCore module. The Digi ConnectCore Smart IOmux tool expedites the design process and ensures compatibility across SOM families.

Industry Leading Security
Industry Leading Security

All Digi SOMs incorporate the multi-layered Digi TrustFence® embedded security framework as well as a hardware Secure Element. Digi TrustFence includes features such as secure boot, secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, encrypted data storage, protected ports to protect against physical intrusion, data authentication and device identity management options, tamper detection, FIPS 140-2 certification and more.

Best-in-Class Support
Best-in-Class Support

Digi customer support begins with complete documentation and step-by-step instructions to streamline and simplify the work of designers and developers. The Digi Professional Services team offers skilled programming, application development, project planning and implementation services. In addition, Digi performs regular security audits to identify new and evolving threats and proactively communicates with customers regarding any known vulnerabilities.

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