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Water & Wastewater

Digi asset monitoring for wells, lift stations, sewers and water/wastewater plants.

Failure is not an option.
Manual processes, outdated technology and surging labor and upkeep costs are putting a strain on the water and wastewater industry. That’s where Digi can help you improve efficiencies, cut costs and increase operational control with wireless monitoring for wells, lift stations, sewers and other water treatment systems with communications solutions that perform in the harshest of environments.

Digi connects local and remote assets making it easy for treatment facilities to upgrade, automate and manage critical control systems. Essential systems can be readily networked to make sure water levels, flowage and other key monitoring and performance data are delivered in a timely, consistent and accurate manner – so plant managers can make quicker and more informed decisions that will keep water quality safe and sound.

Digi connects your complex world.
Digi offers a broad array of connectivity solutions specifically designed for water and wastewater treatment plant monitoring, SCADA communications, chemical usage, pump house and flow control – even remote video surveillance.

By connecting critical assets, Digi give you a new level of insight into plant operations making it easier for plant managers to monitor and maintain critical equipment in order to verify reliability and extend longevity. Two-way wireless connectivity between assets, displays and sensors lets plant managers set thresholds and alerts, reduce or eliminate manual processes, optimize safety and security – especially in dangerous work areas – and help avoid overflows and fines.

Digi asset monitoring for wells, lift stations, sewers and water/wastewater plants.
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