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Manufacturing Automation

Reliable wired and wireless solutions for manufacturing line and process automation systems

Digi offers global wireless connectivity for mission critical applications, with cloud-based software solutions for customers from all industries. Manufacturers are adding wireless connectivity to their products or production line to improve the manufacturing process. With integrated connectivity, manufacturers are better able to get information from the factory floor to centralized cloud management systems to quickly uncover and address any issues long before the product leaves the factory. Manufacturers also want to use connectivity to gather information about equipment in the field. This information helps them find bugs and monitor equipment, and also allows for software and firmware updates over-the-air reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity.

Gain Real-Time Diagnostics
Limit down-time through real-time collection and monitoring of data.

Lower Installation Costs
Eliminate unnecessary wiring and infrastructure costs and lower installation times dramatically.

Increase Worker Safety
Increase worker safety and lower insurance rates by using wireless systems and sensors in dangerous work environments.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
Limit the amount of unscheduled, on-site maintenance through remote asset visibility.

Reliable wired and wireless solutions for manufacturing line and process automation systems
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